Tom Cruise

Real Name

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV

Nick Name


Born in

Syracuse, New York

Date of birth

July 3, 1962

Sun sign


Famous Movies

Mission Impossible, Top Gun, Collateral, War of the Worlds

How Tall is Tom Cruise?

5 feet 7.25 inches

There have been delicate and blatant references to his height difference with his former wife Nicole Kidman and present wife Katie Holmes. Tom himself is in the least bothered and usually found joking about his height. Some people speculate that Tom is really just 5 feet 4-6 inches tall, there have been notorious discussions about his height in the media as well as on the internet. Tom himself claims to be 5 feet 9 inches in height.

Tom Cruise Interesting Facts

Tom Cruise has three sister, Lee Anne and Marian are his older sisters, and Cass his younger sister.

His ancestry can be traced to be Irish, German and English. His paternal great grandfather was from Irish origin, his mother has a German ancestry and paternal grandparents were of English and German origins.

Tom's parents divorced when he was 12. He moved in with mother and older sister, this was time when young tom worked as a newspaper delivery boy to feed the family.

Cruise recalls his childhood as being difficult. He was suffering from dyslexia and had a tough time with his strict father who, in his own words, was a bully. He had a hard time at school due to dyslexia.

Young Cruise was into sports like ground hockey and wrestling. Due a knee injury he was kept out of the high school wresting team, this was when he auditioned for Guys and Dolls, his high school drama production. His success in the role prompted him to pursue drama as a career.

In the year 1997, Empire magazine ranked him among the top 5 movie stars of all time.

Is Tom Cruise Arrogant?

Cruise has been outspoken about his beliefs relating to Scientology in many interviews. He openly condemns the use of psychiatry and drugs to cure mental problems stating that they are no cure for depression.

He had a heated debate with Matt Lauer in The Today Show on the topic of Scientology and made direct references to Brooke Shields who claimed anti-depressant drugs as being beneficial for her. She in turn marked his statements as a disservice to mothers everywhere. Later Tom apologized to her with all sincerity.

People who have acquainted with him claim that he is soft spoken, kind, down to earth and has no airs about his riches. He is also known to be a Man's man. Tom has been openly sensitive and emotional in several live shows.

Why did Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise Break up?

The question that has done rounds in gossip circles is the reason for their breakup. Tom Cruise was married to Nicole for a good 10 years before they got divorced. They had adopted two kids initially and she was three months pregnant with his child when the divorce happened. She miscarried once the divorce was public.

The actual reason for the break up has not been cited by the couple. Tom and Nicole shared a long relationship and the break up must have been painful. Nicole is known to have said that several bad things happened in sequence, not mentioning what they actually were.

Tom on the other hand was cited to have said that Nicole was well aware of the exact reason for the divorce. In fact Tom had filed the divorce, but that does not prove that he was the one who wanted it. It was mostly mutual. The couple still share time together with their kids.

Hollywood marriages are a difficult affair. They are several factors like jealously, travel, work, distraction, society and media pressure.