Richard Gere

Real Name

Richard Tiffany Gere

Nick Name


Born in

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Date of birth

August 31, 1949

Sun sign


Famous Movies

Primal Fear, An Officer and a Gentleman, American Gigolo

How Tall is Richard Gere? True Height

5 feet 10.5 inches

This actor of the "Shall We Dance Fame" is known to look quite short in real life due to his habit of stooping. In the movie "An Officer and a Gentleman", he tends to look his height of 5 ft 10 inches, but that was due his younger years.

Interesting Facts About Richard Gere

Who hasn't heard of Cindy Crawford? But did you know that Gere was married to her between 1991 and 1995? After the divorce he got married to Carey Lowell and has a son with her.

Gere practices Buddhism as a religion though he was raised a Methodist. This transformation occurred during his travel to Nepal in 1978.

Gere is known for his AIDS awareness campaign and he takes it very seriously. He has established the AIDS CARE HOME in India with the purpose of assisting women and children who suffer from this condition.

Richard Gere got into some trouble when he casually kissed an Indian actress Shilpa Shetty during an AIDS awareness campaign. The local court had an order sent out for his arrest as this action considered to be a public obscenity. Luckily for Gere he feld the country. Later he was debarred of this accusation.

Gere is also a strong activist for Tibetan freedom. He has made several public statements including the appeal to boycott the Beijing Olympic Games to apply pressure on China to free Tibet.

Who is Richard Gere Married To?

After his divorce with Cindy Crawford he got married to Carey Lowell in 2002.

Carey Lowell played the character of Pam Bouvier in the Bond movie "License to Kill". She was the 16th james bond girl. Gere had a son with Carey in the year 2000, though they got married in 2002. Richard named his son Home James Gere after his father.

Where does Richard Gere Live?

Richard was born and brought up in Philadelpia. According to sources, he lives in a farm house in Mohnton, Pennsylvania. His family had moved out to New York when he was a kid. In fact young Richard did most of his schooling in Syracuse.