Matt Damon – Interesting Scraps from his life

Real Name: Matthew Paige Damon
Nick Name: Red Alert (by his wife)
Born in: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Date of birth: October 8, 1970
Sun sign: Libra
Famous Movies: Good Will Hunting, Bourne Series, The Talented Mr.Ripley

A brilliant student, he got straight-As in all his classes. He joined Harvard University and dropped out with just 12 credits to clear when he was selected for a role in “Geronimo: The American Legend” with a star cast of Gene Hackman, Jason Patric, Wess Studi and Hill as the director.

Matt Damon is a serious Red Sox Fan. Damon gifted his father blades of grass plucked for the Boston Red Sox Legendary Fenway Park when he was shooting as an extra in Field of Dreams. His dad, also a great fan, was delighted by this gift.

Matt’s decision for a career in acting was influenced by boyhood friend Ben Affleck 2 years his junior who lived a couple of blocks away. Matt still recalls the fun time they had – playing baseball, smoking pot, underage drinking and indulging in other teeny shenanigans. Kid Affleck’s parents with contacts in the film industry got him roles in Ads and movies. This intrigued studious young Matt about drama and its worthiness as a fruitful career. Taking drama seriously he joined the prestigious Ridge and Latin prep school along with Affleck. This started Damon’s ride towards becoming a famous actor.

Damon faced a series of failures as his early movies Mystic Pizza, Geronimo and The Good Mother did not seem to get him recognition in the industry. He regained interest to rework the script of Good Will Hunting, started while at Harvard. Ben Affleck joined in as he was also going through a slump. They polished the script converting it from a thriller to a feel good genre. Finding a producer was tough, some wanted the script but not Damon in starring role. Finally Harvey Weinstein of Miramax took up the offer. Good Will Hunting grossed more than $100 million. Damon shot into stardom, winning an Oscar for the best original screen play and nomination for Best Actor.

Matt Damon shared a bond with his dad Kent. There was one incident when he called his father over for shooting of The Legend of Bagger Vance, on a golf field. During a break, the pair started playing catch and Robert Redford joined in. Kent gave vent to his excitement and shouted “I am playing catch with f###ing Roy Hobbs”. Roy Hobbs was Redford’s character in baseball flick “The Natural”.

According to sources, Matt Damon had a real life rivalry with Mark Wahlberg his co-star in “The Departed”. It got worse with his ex-girlfriend Winona Ryder leaving him for Mark. Damon swore never to get into a relationship with an actress ever again, after three failed relationships in the industry.

How Tall is Matt Damon?

5 feet 10 inches

Mattew Paige Damon, stands tall with a shoeless height of 5 feet 10 inches. The actor’s physique and height are well displayed in the Bourne Series.He worked hard to put on muscles after losing 40 pounds for his short role in “Courage Under Fire”.

The star of the Bourne identity, the Bourne Supremacy and the Bourne Ultimatum braved struggles before making it big with Good Will Hunting. Presently he is on the A-list of Hollywood actors with each sequel of the Bourne series Damon received a star on the Hollywood walk of fame, as a recognition for his work. Did you know that Ben Affleck was the most influencing factor in Matt’s life?

Matt Damon – The Wonder Years

Born to a stock broker father and a professor mother, Damon had a comfortable childhood. Parents got divorce and he moved in with mom in Cambridge. There he met Ben Affleck in the neighborhood, thus started a life long friendship. Most of his fond memories are about the times he spent playing with Ben.

Matt was dedicated to his studies. It was disappointment for his mother that he left studies to pursue a career in acting. In fact, at the age of 16 Damon left for New York to look for roles in movies by attending several auditions. When nothing worked he returned back to his studies and joined the Harvard University. He dropped out of Harvard with 12 credits pending, to take up a role in “Geronimo: The American Legend”. It was not until Good Will Hunting that he found fame and recognition.

Who is Matt Damon Currently Married to?

There was a popular incident when Damon broke up with his girlfriend Minnie Driver, a British actress, on the Oprah Winfrey Show. This was after the success of Good Will Hunting.

When Matt was touching stardom he started dating the high profile actress Winona Ryder. The relationship went on for 2 years but finally ended in after a lot of friction developed between the two owing to rumors and controversies surrounding her relationship with Mark Walhberg.

Matt entered a brief relationship with Odessa Whitmire, Affleck’s personal assistant, but it did not work out too well. According to source, there was a subdued affair with Eva Mendes, the actress for “Stuck on You” which again did not last long.

Who is he married to right now? Damon had it with actresses and swore never to date them again. He met interior designer Luciana Barosso in Miami and married her. Matt adopted her daughter Alexia and they have two daughters of their own, Isabella and Gia. He shares a deep bond with Luciana and the marriage looks stable.

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