Leonardo DiCaprio

Real Name: Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio
Nick Name: Leo
Born in: Los Angeles, California
Date of birth: November 11, 1974
Sun sign: Scorpio
Famous Movies: Titanic, Blood Diamond, Gangs of New York, The Departed

How Tall is Leonardo DiCaprio? Height in Real Life

5 feet 11.5 inches His thin frame gives him an advantage as far as height is concerned. Leonardo is perceived to be at least 6 feet tall on screen, mostly because of his rake thin build. Most people who have seen him in person agree that he looks tall because he is very thin.

Leonardo DiCaprio: Interesting Facts

Leonardo was so named because he kicked his pregnant mother from the womb when she was watching a Da Vinci painting. He was asked to change his name to Lewis Williams by his movie agent, luckily Leonardo rejected it.

Known to be quite a below average student, Leonardo was more interested in break dancing and dramatics during his childhood.

Young Leonardo made an impact when he acted against Gene Hackman in the movie “The Quick and The Dead”. Source say that Sharon stone had personally recommended his name and gave him wages from her cut.

Leonardo has James Cameron to thank for his role in Titantic. Cameron, the director of this movie, went through hell fire to go against the studio’s choice of having Matthew McNaughton as the lead.

Staying with his mother till the release of Titanic, Leonardo moved out and took to partying. His antics and affairs started making the tabloids. One incident was when he was attracted to Elizabeth Berkley and allegedly had his friends attack her then boyfriend Roger Wilson. Leonardo got sued by Wilson but by 2004 the case was dismissed in Leo’s favor.

Leonardo has been known to be an activist along with being a movie star. Dicaprio was highly disturbed that the thai locals had accused the makers “The Beach” for disrupting their environment and took environmental activism. He was seen campaigning for John Kerry citing that the Bush government was hampering environment.

Highly acclaimed for his performance as a mentally retarded brother to Johnny Depp in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”, he was nominated for Golden Globe and Academy Awards.

Is Leonardo DiCaprio Married? Does he have a girlfriend?

As of 2009 he is yet to get married. There was a high profile affair he had going with supermodel Gisele Bundchen for 6 years starting 2001. They had even gotten engaged but broke off for unknown reasons. He shares a close bond with Kate Winslet, his co-star in the Titanic and Tobey Maguire. Other girls he has been linked to are Kristen Zang, Bridget Hall and Amber Valetta. Most of these affairs took place after the success of Titanic.

Does Leonardo DiCaprio Smoke?

According to sources, Leonardo does smoke and he has been at it from quite a young age. He has even been known to be chain smoking and boozing during the partying years after the Titanic. There have be no clear indications that Leonardo is playing on quitting smoking though some source contend that they have seen him smoke electronic cigarettes.


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    Why would anyone want to kiss him if he smokes??????

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    I love Leo I’m watching Romeo and Juliet right now ! <3 <3

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    I think I should marry Leonardo DiCaprio because then my name could be Capri DiCaprio.

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    I love so much.. He is so hot in titanic a d Romeo and Juliette and I am his #1 fan… But one thing I never new he had OCD…. It was really hard for him in the making of titanic… He had always step in the gum stains and go threw a door 3 tines before he go back to acting…. Plus the only reason he’s not married yet is because he’s waiting for me <3 <3

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    Did not know he was close to 6′ tall, he looks kinda short if you ask me.

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