Brad Pitt – Fact Sheet

Real Name: William Bradley Pitt
Nick Name: Pitt bull, Butters (by Angelina)
Born in: Shawnee, Oklahoma
Date of birth: December 18, 1963
Sun sign: Sagittarius
Famous Movies: Troy, Fight Club, Mr & Mrs Smith, Ocean’s Eleven

How Tall is Brad Pitt? True Height

5 feet 11 inches

This superstar is known for his steel posture. He stands tall and walks with a very straight back. No one’s ever seen him slumping. Owning to his posture and the fact that his maintains a lean physique, one could say that 5 ft 11 is what he looks. Some claim that with shoes on Pitt looks a good 6 feet tall.

Interesting Facts about Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt was raised as a Southern Baptist by his parents. He has two siblings, Doug and Julie.

Pitt dropped out of his university just 2 weeks before his graduation. The reason he stated was that he was not ready to settle down to in job, his interest was in acting and he wanted to pursue it. He moved into Los Angeles and took up acting lessons, after he quit the university.

To pay for his acting classes, Brad used to do odds jobs including dressing up as El Pollo Loco Chicken.

To get into the skin of his character in “Fight Club”, Brad took up lessons in boxing and taekwondo. He even had pieces of his front tooth removed for the character look.

Academy Award winner for Best Picture “The Departed” was produced by Brad Pitt’s film production company “Plan B Entertainment”.

Pitt has made several public statements in the support of embryonic stem cell research. He supported John Kerry in the 2004 elections and campaigned for him.

How did Brad Pitt Train for Troy

Who doesn’t remember the well muscled Pitt in “Troy” but it came with a price. Brad claims that he had to work out rigorously for an year to get that look. The first three months were the most grueling with 3 hours of gym followed by sword fighting practice.

His diet consisted of four meals a day, high protein low card diet. He quit smoking and caffeinated drinks while he was in training. This was a big sacrifice for him as he enjoys his smoking. Occasionally though he used to visit McDonalds for burgers and coke.

Brad went right back into his old eating habits as soon as Troy was wrapped with chocolates, caffeine drinks, burgers and fries.

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