How Tall Are Celebrities in Real Life

Want to know how tall are some celebrities in real life? We have a list of popular celebrities of the silver screen lined out for you with info on their real height. We also give you some interesting and juicy information on these celebrities, which is guaranteed to surprise you.

Male and female celebrities have dazzled the silver screen and captured the imagination of the audience. Camera work and touch up makes it difficult to guess the height of these celebrities. Their personalities are restricted to their reel life rather than their real life.

For people who are interested in finding out how tall these celebrities are and some interesting insights into their real lives, here is the list

Male Hollywood Celebrities Heights
sylvester stallone 5'9''schwarzenegger6'2''
brad pitt 5'11''tom cruise5'7''
matt damon5'10'' ben affleck6'2.5''
bruce willis5'11.75'' john travolta6'2''
liam neeson6'4'' leonardo dicaprio5'11.5''
johnny depp5'10'' richard gere5'10.5''
mel gibson5'9'' clive owen6'2.5''
kurt russell5'10'' patrick swayze 5'10''
charlton heston6'3'' jacob smith 5'6''
tom felton6'1'' donald rumsfeld5'7.5''
will smith 6'2'' zac efron 5'10.5''

Male Music Artist Celebrities Heights
beck hansen5'4''nick jonas5'6''
justin timberlake5'10''mitchel musso5'8'5''

Male Sport Celebrities Heights
hulk hogan6'4.75''leland chapman5'6''
lance armstrong5'11''bob costas5'7''
rob dyrdek5'7''andre the giant7''